You all need to take a look and listen to Lectures a super talented band! Their new single “Talking in a Vacuum” has just been released! You won’t regret it! GO and spread the word!


I just love pastel colours and had to take a photograph of this lovely gift my sister brought back for me from an antique fair in the South of France- a beautiful old stereoscope! I am also obsessed with BarryM’s ‘Rose Hip’ Gelly nail vanish and my Asos sunglasses.

Holiday Prep #letsbefrank #thefrankeffect

Preparing for my holiday in September with Frank: A gorgeous Coffee Body Scrub that targets stretch marks, cellulite and other skin conditions. This gorgeous Coffee Body Scrub also moisturises and tones the skin. This one includes grapeseed and coconut and smells great. I couldn’t recommend this Scrub more, seriously in Franks words “Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean!” #letsbefrank #thefrankeffect